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Market Intelligence

B224 Capital's motto is to invest and educate. We bring you insight from professional investors and traders to the palm of your hands. Join our community and let us help you navigate financial markets. 

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Get mentorship to learn the basics, the fundamentals and the technicals of investing and trading in the market. By Subscribing to our Investment Club you get access to the top Stocks, Options, Crypto and ETFs we follow along with all the intel. We analyze research from top Wall Street analysts, we assess the Return vs. Risk, we select the top positions, and you get real time updates and market alerts. You also get invited to our private group chat with mentors and subscribers. 


B224 Capital monetizes global financial markets to reinvest profits into African startups. We invest our own capital in Stocks, Options, Crypto and ETFs, we do not manage outside capital.


We heavily focus on Technology, Internet, Energy and Commodities securities. We also pay close attention to emerging sectors. We take both short-term and Long-term positions

Our goal is to invest in top companies and sectors while providing market intel to our subscribers. We share market insight via publications, social media and a podcast. We also have 1 on 1 training available to members. Our paid subscription gives full access to our market intelligence for the  best positions we are following. 


Millennials are taking charge of their financial freedom very early in their careers. Young Professionals are finding all the necessary tools to efficiently manage their money. Owning a brokerage account will soon be as normal as owning a bank account.

We believe the rise in online brokerage accounts is turning many customers into shareholders. In such an environment, professionals are more likely to invest in companies/brands that they know, that they use and that they trust.


We also believe that this new generation of investors is going to increasingly move the market because of their concentration in market leaders.


We specialize in swing trading. This means that we look to hold many of our  positions during run ups that can last anywhere from a  few days to months.

We analyze research from the top analysts on Wall Street to identify the best securities to follow. For equities, we look for growth companies with solid value proposition, notable  competitive advantage, and sound financial performance. For commodities and indexes we assess economic data and gain exposure through ETFs.


We also use Options and leveraged ETFs to day trade or maximize our gains when we see momentum in certain sub-sectors.

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